Candidate Testimonials

“I have had a lot of experience in dealing with permanent and temporary recruitment agencies and have become cynical of the whole process. However, having been introduced to ExpertSphere after simply making a phone call in regard to a referral from a friend, I have received outstanding service from every person with whom I have dealt. ExpertSphere clearly work closely together as a team and have managed to overcome the communication barrier with each other and their clients.

I knew I could count on the consultants at ExpertSphere to get back to me when they said they would, and to have the courtesy to call with regular updates, even when there was no new developments.

When I started in my current position, I was greeted with the same enthusiasm for the high standard of service that ExpertSphere deliver by my new employer, who incidently was hired by ExpertSphere herself. I am convinced that ExpertSphere is definitely an agency that you should talk to if you are considering a change of role, since they have mastered the art of recruitment.”

Glenn K. Service Delivery Manager