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Frequently, organisations start hiring with no clear definition of what they are looking for, actually many companies start without even a job description! However the job description is merely a list of responsibilities and tasks, i.e. a set of experiences.

Important Note: Experience is the least reliable predictor of success for your new hire, so we note it but we don’t rely on it! We focus our time working out what are the key factors of an individual that will make them successful in their role

Intellect, Values & Motivations are intrinsic traits, we don’t change them, therefore these are the most important bits of an individual when judging whether they will be successful. If your organisation values something the candidate doesn’t, then they won’t be able to perform, no matter what skills they learn. High performance levels happen when a person’s motivation and values match those of the organisation.

The other important box is Behaviours, these can be developed.

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