Job Seekers

Finding your next job could be the most important step of your life!

You need to know how recruiters and employers operate so you can ensure that your application has the best chance of being considered

ExpertSphere is a successful Melbourne-based recruitment consultancy. We have decided to share with you the critical factors that will influence your chances when you are looking to secure your next role.

A great resume is only one part of a successful job application. You need to know how your resume is selected and understand the signals recruiters look for before seriously considering you for a role.

You need to know:

  • What you need to include in your application and what you should leave out
  • Why an employer or agency will read your resume and why they won’t.
  • When you should call them and when you shouldn’t
  • What you should tell them and what you should keep to yourself
  • When is the job opportunity real and when are you wasting your time

Applicants are often surprised by the little things that can matter in the recruitment process. ExpertSphere can assist you and give you an opportunity to find out why your application may be repeatedly overlooked.

Most recruitment agencies open applications once and spend less than two minutes reading your resume and cover letter. If you want them to give you the attention you deserve you need to know how to make them consider your resume.

Our experience has shown, repeatedly, that good candidates can miss out, while a candidate who implements our straightforward jobseeker rules significantly improves the probability of selection for client interviews and their chance of being hired.

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